Tips For How To Use A Vonage Device

A Vonage device, also known as a Vonage Box™ telephone adapter, is actually extremely easy to use. You don’t need a lot of technical know-how in order to get the device setup. Instead, all it requires is a few minutes of your time and the ability to read and follow directions.

vonage deviceThis unique device is designed to connect directly to your existing broadband Internet connection. This is accomplished by simply plugging the device into the appropriate ethernet port on your modem or router.

When you sign up for Vonage phone service, you will receive the Vonage Box. Along with it, you will get an ethernet cable and instructions on how to connect it to your existing broadband. In most cases, the process simply involves plugging one end of the ethernet cable into the telephone adapter and the other into your modem. This will make it possible to make or receive phone calls through your Internet connection.

Because of the way the device is installed, you will be able to get phone calls without interfering with your ability to use the Internet. That means that you can be on your computer using the Internet at the same time that you are making phone calls. This is in contrast to older services such as dial-up Internet where you were limited to either making calls or using the Internet but could not do both at the same time.

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If you use a router to split your Internet connection, you can also connect the Vonage Box to your router rather than to the modem. Again, full instructions for how to do this will be included with the device. The process is extremely simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

If you have any trouble during the installation process, you can find a list of frequently asked questions on the Vonage site. These questions can help you troubleshoot any problems that you may be experiencing. If you still have issues, you can always reach out to Vonage’s customer support team. They should be willing to help walk you through the process of installing the device in your home.

Once everything is properly installed, you should be able to start using the device right away. You can test it out by plugging a telephone into the device and checking to make sure that there is a dial tone. If so, you can then use the Vonage service to place an outgoing phone call. This will give you a chance to see how well it works. You can also ask a friend to give you a call on your new Vonage number so that you can see what it is like to receive a phone call through your Internet connection as well.

The process of using a Vonage device is surprisingly simple. You can literally have the service up and running at your home within a matter of minutes. Best of all, you can set it up yourself without the need for professional installation, making it a convenient way to get access to a home phone.

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